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How to Develop a Business Case for Engineering Information Management or Product Data Management

Moving an EIM initiative forward requires a well thought out game plan.

 We believe that a convincing ROI presentation is one of the best plays you can make to run your initiative across the goal line. There’s nothing like accurate, believable number (with dollar signs in front of them) to persuade the decision makers in your company to put EIM at the top of the budget. That’s why we developed a powerful new ROI tool.  

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Dow Chemical's Best Practices to Plan Deploy and Measure Global Engineering Information Management

How does a savvy, global leader like Dow Chemical roll out a global engineering information management solution?  

In 60 minutes, you’ll learn how Dow’s Six Sigma approach guides every critical decision they make for planning, deploying and measuring a global engineering information management system…  

  • The process used to take Dow’s 20+ existing document management systems down to one  
  • How smart companies like Dow consider and calculate ROI…and why your methods could be limiting your vision and growth  
  • How Dow used an on-site “install-off” to identify the right solution, rather than just considering a feature to feature comparison  
  • How Dow’s emphasis on process allowed them to identify the serious gaps in usability, security, reliability and performance of their existing systems  
  • How Dow’s laser focus on accelerating project start-up time…and eliminating the inefficiencies bogging project stakeholders down …led to huge gains in customer satisfaction and employee productivity they would have missed otherwise

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Bridge Internal Silos to Transform Your Utility & Maximize Business Value

Breaking down silos should be job number one for any utility.  

Historically, utilities have been highly siloed organizations. In today’s disruptive energy and business landscape, these silos often hold utilities back from becoming more nimble, and from developing new business opportunities.  

It is now critical for utilities to break down the walls between their internal silos — or at least, to make them more permeable. Bridging silos also helps make utility operations more efficient, secure and reliable.  

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn the many reasons why silos of information can hold utilities back, and how one major investor-owned utility, Con Edison in New York, has been bridging its internal silos to become an even better utility.  

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How Greene, Tweed Achieves Collaboration Across 3 Continents with Synergis Adept Product Data Management

How does a global technology leader implement a cohesive, global, future-proof product data management (PDM) environment for its 22 locations? 

In 60 minutes, you'll learn how Greene Tweed & Company (GT) eliminated complex design and engineering processes with a single off-the-shelf product data management solution…  

  • How GT replaced high maintenance customized programs with a single PDM solution to manage, track and control their CAD models through final release  
  • How GT eliminated hundreds of CAD files shares to achieve real time global collaboration among their 22 worldwide locations  
  • How GT cut redesign time by 25% or more and allocated resources more efficiently  
  • How GT integrated its CAD, PDM and SAP solutions to achieve seamless data flow between all systems for a single source of released documents  
  • How GT deployed vault replication for quick access to local servers anywhere across the globe

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The Secret Advantage of Plant Manufacturing Success: Engineering Information Management

Toray Composite Materials America is the world's leading manufacturer of carbon fibers. These materials are used in:  

  • Boeing aircraft and Bell helicopters  
  • Defense Systems  
  • SpaceX rockets  
  • Aircraft engines for GE, Pratt & Whitney and others  

…in over 28 countries.  

So, managing all the information about their intellectual property was a huge challenge to share across Engineering, Quality, Technical Engineering, Environmental Health and Safety, and other departments.  

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