Webinar: Enterprise Business System Integration

Eliminate Data Silos, Automate Business Process, Grow Your Company 

Join this live webinar to learn how Adept Integrator can automate business processes and data flows, and help your company accelerate!  

Tuesday, June 2nd 2:00PM EDT

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Now there’s an easy way to connect your enterprise business systems so you can automate business process and data flows.

If your systems don’t talk to each other easily and accurately, you’re at risk. That’s why we’re excited to show you Adept Integrator, an out-of-the-box integration platform, with 100+ Connectors including SAP, SharePoint, Salesforce, Oracle, Dynamics. And if an out-of-the-box connector does not exist, we can build one for you. With Integrator, you can connect:  

  • IT systems 
  • ERP systems 
  • Financial systems 
  • Project Controls 
  • Work Order Management systems  
  • GIS and CAD systems 
  • Exchange  

And more. Anything, really… Integration is easy, fast and code-free.

In this webinar, we'll start out with a short overview of the product capabilities (no code, easy to use) and some examples of integration stories. Then we'll take a deeper dive and show you how two simple integrations – one between Adept and an external Labor, Equipment and Materials Management (LEM) system and the other between Adept and Google Maps. There will be time to ask your questions to our experts as well!  

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