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Are You Held Back by Information Management Chaos?

  • No unified view of enterprise content?
  • Wasting time looking for files?
  • Version control problems?  
  • Intellectual property at risk? 
  • Struggling to complete projects on time?
  • Struggling to collaborate efficiently?
  • Business processes lacking automation?  
  • Lack visibility to data for decisions?
  • No audit trail of who did what?  
  • Information silos slowing you down? 

The Adept EasyStart Program
Your Remote Enterprise:
Efficient, Secure & Collaborative in Less than a Week

If you're like most businesses, your "remote offices" have grown exponentially. Where you may have had 3 or 5 remote locations, you may now have 300 or 3,000 remote home offices.

The EasyStart Program helps you quickly deploy a single, unified view of your enterprise content, giving everyone fast access to what they need. Documents are version correct, access is permissions-based, and everything is audited.

Your documents and the priceless intellectual property within them will be secure and protected from unwanted access. You can automate your business processes and remove bottlenecks. Collaboration is simplified.

All this and more, in less than a week! * See offer page for details.

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Why Synergis?

At Synergis, our mission goes beyond creating the best software to manage and integrate enterprise information. It’s about the experience we deliver and the relationships we build with some of the world’s best companies. Watch our video to learn from clients and employees what makes Synergis special.

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Learn about Dow's global rollout and why they selected Adept

Adept is managing several billion dollars of digital assets containing priceless Dow IP. The solution is used across several dozen global sites, managing several million documents, with many thousands of users around the world.  

Gregg Schuler and Chris Wood of Dow Chemical discuss why they selected Adept as a global portal for as-built documents, capital projects and much more. 

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Synergis helps you assess, strategize and implement a vision to accelerate your growth into the future.  

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Frost & Sullivan Names Synergis the Customer Service Leader in the Global Engineering Information Management Market  

Independent market analyst Frost & Sullivan conducted an extensive study of the global Engineering Information Management (EIM) market and honored Synergis Software with the prestigious customer Service Leadership award. 

3 Easy Steps to Simple, Powerful Document Management That Will Free Your Company to Grow

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Adept Works for Nearly Any Industry

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Industrial & Discrete Manufacturers Food and Beverage Steel and Metals Aerospace & Defense Government Retail Insurance Research Labs 

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Adept Integrator: Connect Everything.

Adept Integrator is an out-of-the-box integration platform that connects your enterprise business systems, allowing you to orchestrate data flows and business processes to accelerate growth. Integration is easy, fast and code-free. Integrator offers 100+ Connectors – including SAP, SharePoint, Salesforce, Oracle, Dynamics, and much more. And if an out-of-the-box connector does not exist, we can build one rapidly based on your requirements. 

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How Engineering Information Management Improves Utility Performance and Strategy

Many utilities view engineering information management (EIM) solutions as a way to realize day-to-day efficiencies and benefits for engineering staff. However, looking beyond engineering, business leaders can realize a much broader return on this investment from operations and maintenance departments.  

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Bringing Order to the Chaos of Capital Projects

Engineering Information Management (EIM) solutions enable workgroups, global enterprises, and external partners to find, manage, share, and control design and maintenance information throughout process-driven, asset management-intensive capital project lifecycles. 

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